What is e-Logbook?

e-Logbook is a free interactive online IGC and GPX track viewer. It allows you to visualize an IGC or GPX file on an interactive 2D topographic map. It primarily designed for glider and paraglider flight analysis, but will work just fine with any IGC-compatible GPS / logger / flight recorder and GPX-compatible GPS / GNS device.

If you have any suggestion, question or remark, please send an email to contact (a) e-logbook.org. We're always happy to hear from you!


  • Entirely free to use (and it will always be)
  • View track on a 2D topographic map with the possibility to interactively zoom in/out and pan
  • Altutude graph vs. time
  • Interactively follow the track records
  • Basic information: Start and end times, duration, minimum, maximum and average altitudes

Information, if available:

  • Glider type
  • Registration
  • Competition id
  • Logger type
  • Comments

Supported file formats

Useful links

  • IGC2Map: Similar service hosted on cunimb.net
  • VisuGPS: Similar service hosted on victorb.fr
  • XCSoar: Tactical glide computer, open-source
  • LK8000: Tactical glide computer, open-source
  • SkyLines: Online platform for flight sharing